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Robert Villette

I have been involved with Rotary for four years now and was honoured to become the President of the Rotary Club of Coventry 2017-2018 and receive the President's chain of office.
What is Rotary? Well, it's not a secret organisation, it's not a religious organisation and it's not a political organisation. At the 'top' level we are a worldwide organisation with over 1.2 million members spread across 200 countries and geographical areas.
Here in the UK there are over 1,800 clubs consisting of more than 50,000 men and women from all walks of life. Clubs are based in local communities where members meet on a regular basis to enjoy friendship, networking and to plan projects that will benefit the lives of others. We utilise the skills, expertise and dedication of our members to help improve the lives of people in communities both at home and abroad.
We are an active club, both within the local community and across the globe with connections to schools and Sea Cadets locally and through associations with other Rotary Clubs internationally in Scotsburgh SA and Volgograd in Russia. Hopefully this year will see us twinning with the Vaslui Club in Romania.
We support many good causes locally, nationally, and internationally. This can be through either financial help or by giving our time. The pages of our website will give you more of an insight into what we do and what we are about.
If you like what we do and feel the time is right to 'give a little back' please get in contact with us or come along to lunch where you will be given a warm welcome by all.


Club Meeting Monday 13th November

by Bill Parkinson

Vice President Michael Hammon opened the meeting by presenting President Robert's apologies as he had a business commitment.

Robert had laid a wreath at the Remembrance Day Service in The Memorial Park on Sunday. The event was very well attended, including by many Rotarians.

Michael went on to read a letter from Rotarian Trevor Sharman in which he regretfully tendered his resignation from Rotary because of pressing personal reasons. Trevor expressed his enjoyment of his time in Rotary.

Past President Ken gave a report on the upcoming 3rd Festival of Christmas Trees to be held at Holy Trinity Church in December. There is to be a concert with four choirs of over 150 voices on December 8th at 7:30. Ken gave each member present 10 tickets and urged them ti sell to friends and family. If 8 were sold the remaining 2 were free to the member.

Second Vice President Judy Ryan announced that plans were well in hand for The Foundation Dinner which was to be held on 25th February at Finham Golf Club. There is to be a raffle and Judy will be happy to accept all donations. (Maybe an opportunity to share some superfluous Christmas gifts!)

      Our speaker was Anne Jones who is a cybercrime and IT consultant. Cybercrime is a rapidly growing problem for private individuals and more importantly businesses and huge national and international organisations which come into contact with us on a daily basis.

        Anne gave examples of malware and scams which are used to defraud old people and companies to ransom. The best way to ensure safety in regard to your IT systems at home is to be vigilant, have the correct and adequate software loaded onto your computer and be rigorous in checking. If in doubt never open emails or communications - delete them straight away. Once opened Malware can enter your systems and take days or weeks to correct.

        Anne briefly outlined what the dark web was and pointed out the internet we see accounts for only 4%, the rest being unknown to us. This is the dark web being used for criminal activities. Anne concluded by emphasising the importance of regularly updating your computer systems. There is a government sponsored website to help and which is free to use: www.cyberaware.gov.uk/cyberessentials

                  Interact President Kennedy Receives its Charter

                  On Thursday 12th January the Club was proud to charter its very first Interact Club. The event took place at President Kennedy School and was attended by President Kevin and other club members. There were approximately 40 Interact members present as well as members of the teaching staff. A teacher, Brian Finlayson, gave a word of welcome and then President Kevin spoke. He spoke about Rotary's work at both local and international levels. He then read out a letter of welcome from RIBI President Eve Conway. He then presented the charter certificate to Brian who accepted on behalf of the Interacters. 

                  The president then presented the interacters with their lapel badges and welcomed them to the world wide family of Rotary. The formalities concluded, the President then invited questions. There were several, the most memorable being after the Polio Plus campaign had been explained, 'What is Polio?' 
                  Everyone present then tucked into the buffet that the club had provided. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm not only of the children, but their teachers as well. It might have taken us 97 years, but it was a very successful launch.

                  Brian Winstanley

                  WHAT IS ROTARY?

                  The Rotary movement consists of men and women who want to help: young children here in Coventry and overseas; those who need a helping hand here in the UK; those faced with natural disasters overseas.

                  Rotary initiated the Polio plus campaign in 1984 when there were hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide. This year there were just 343.

                  Rotary runs countless humanitarian projects both locally, nationally and internationally. For more information see “Rotary at a glance”.

                  Each member enjoys business as well as social networking opportunities, whilst giving something back to those less fortunate and having a great deal of fun at the same time!

                  Find out more details about Rotary at Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland, and also, with a world view, at Rotary International



                  Henceforth it has been decided that the duties of both the Steward and the Visitor's Book shall be combined. Members are reminded that it rests with them as individuals to arrange for a substitute and then to notify the Secretary. The change should be recorded by deleting the printed name and writing the amended name on the list on the notice board.

                  Monday 30th October

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  Bob Hall


                  Ian Harrabin -

                  Speaker's Host:
                  Brian Hammond

                  Monday 6th November

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  David Joyce


                  Tim Rees

                  Speaker's Host:
                  Bill Parkinson

                  Monday 13th November

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  Robert Pargetter


                  Ann Jones - Internet Security

                  Speaker's Host:

                  David Cule

                  Monday 20th November

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  Ros Thomas


                  Special General Meeting

                  Speaker's Host:


                  Monday 27th November

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  David Davies


                  District Governor -
                  Charan Bunger MBE

                  Speaker's Host:
                  Robert Villette

                  Monday 4th December

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  Philip Hodgson


                  Richard Hoare, George Singer and Coundon Court

                  Speaker's Host:
                  Jeffrey Rowe

                  Monday 11th December

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  Terry Bond


                  President - Club Membership

                  Speaker's Host:

                  Serena Calder

                  Monday 18th December

                  Door Steward & Visitors' Book:
                  Philip Hodgson


                  Christmas Lunch

                  Speaker's Host:

                  Robert Villette


                  29th November - District Council at Tally-Ho Centre @ 18:30 - 19:00

                  30th November - Inner Wheel Christmas table coffee morning at Mary Maginniss's Home @ 10:30am

                  6th - 9th December -Festival of Trees

                  13th December - Inner Wheel Christmas Meal, Stoneleigh Deer Park, 12:00hrs for a 12:30 start

                  18th December - Christmas Lunch

                  26th January - Youth Speaks Intermediate round at Bablake School

                  29th January - Evening Meeting at the Manor Hotel, Meriden @ 18:30- 19:00

                  24th February - Presidential Peace Building Conference @ Ricoh Arena

                  28th February - Foundation Dinner at Coventry Golf Club

                  14th March - District Council

                  19th March - Finance Meeting after Club Meeting

                  26th March - Evening Meeting at the Manor Hotel, Meriden @ 19:00 - 19:30

                  6-8th April - RIBI Conference at Torquay

                  16th April - Council remind club chairs of Club Assembly

                  23rd April - AGM No speaker

                  25th April - Inner Wheel coffee morning at the home of Beryl Sarram @ 10:30

                  14th May - Club Assembly - no speaker

                  28th May - Bank Holiday

                  14th June - Inner Wheel, Presidents tea at the home of Mary Maginniss @ 2:30 pm

                  25th June - Handover

                  1st July - District Handover at Warwickshire Cricket Club, Edgbaston, Birmingham 

                  2nd July - Inner Wheel Handover meeting at the Royal Court Hotel @ 11:00 for 11:30

                  WE ARE COMMUNITY DRIVEN


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                  NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE

                  Here you'll find our past newsletters. Simply click on the newsletter you wish to read and it will download the PDF file for you to read and/or print at your own pleasure.

                  CURRENT NEWSLETTER

                  October 2017
                  December 2013


                  Here are some of our latest events

                  TREASURE HUNT

                  On Friday 28th Rotary members had the pleasure of taking part in the Treasure Hunt which was once again ably organised by Past President Ray Thompson. So popular was the event that there was a waiting list to take part! Members pitted their wits against Ray's devilish clues to find the answers. In the end 'Team Bond' managed to pip everyone to the winning post. Keith Chapman has reported the event in poetic style!! Hope there will be more odes in the future.

                  A Friday Night in Allesley

                  At the Rainbow Inn in Allesley Rotarians did meet.
                  We came there for a purpose - our annual walking treat.
                  The Treasure Hunt, devised by Ray, commenced from this location,
                  requiring skill and knowledge too, with careful observation.

                  As we set off along the path the rain was light but steady,
                  though some remained in dry surrounds with liquid comforts ready.
                  But as we walked the rain grew fierce, and clues were hard to find,
                  with KBO we pressed right on, though some grew faint of mind.

                  At last some golden words appeared within the instructions neat:
                  'Now cross the road and make return' - a dignified retreat!
                  And so we did - the second lap more tricky than the first.
                  The rain it eased, but not the clues - some of them got worse!

                  At last, in drizzle faint, the welcome Rainbow came in sight.
                  There was a choice to carry on - but that would take all night.
                  So welcome food and drink were there, along with friends and fun.
                  The fish and chips are wholesome - when they eventually come!

                  The Peter Harris trophy shield was well and truly won.
                  The soggy sheets were analysed to find what we had done.
                  The usual gang of spritely youths had carried off the prize,
                  alongside those more senior, who role was to advise.

                  And so we thank Nelly and Ray for such a jolly night
                  of fun and fellowship and guile, which turned out quite all right.
                  But next year just a little ask, and please don't get upset -
                  for easier clues, and earnest prayers - that it will not be WET!

                  Keith Chapman

                  A VISIT TO HERBERT MEDIA

                  On Friday 7th July, members of the Vocational Service Committee visited the Herbert Museum by invitation and were treated to an excellent introduction to the work of Herbert Media by Kerrie Suteu, Creative Media Officer and Simon Wellman, Film-maker & Trainer, both highly qualified in their respective fields of education and training. 

                  Herbert Media is an established body within the Museum, with a specialised media team which enjoys the use of a professional digital recording studio, broadcast-standard video production equipment and the necessary incidental facilities to enable the full use of the array of equipment. It has an outreach of fundamental importance for school children and students in Coventry; primarily from the special schools and colleges in the City such as Hereward College and Baginton Fields.

                  The experience afforded by Herbert Media to these young people can be life-changing, turning any one of them from an introvert, uncertain and socially-unresponsive individual into an outgoing, confident person with an awareness of personal capabilities. The great majority of those who have passed through Herbert Media have gone on to lead successful, independent lives in their chosen careers in art and architecture, design, film-making and theatre. All this comes from a dedicated team of just four people.

                  We had the pleasure of being guided by Kerrie and Simon through the different media components and who spoke with evident enthusiasm of their roles in the work of Herbert Media. It was quite a revelation for all of us, visiting club members, who had known little or nothing of that work which was so clearly explained to us.

                  David Cule

                  Rotary Design & Technology Exhibition 2017

                  What an exciting display of talent which the public were able to view at Coventry Transport Museum between 19th and 24th of June.
                  On show were examples of Coventry Schools' teenagers work which demonstrated their imagination and skills from our 22 secondary schools including Bablake and King Henry VIII. Their teachers have inspired them to produce stunning products such as, farm equipment; prosthetic limbs; sophisticated lighting; elegant textiles e.g. dresses for both theatre and High Street; engineering design producing a CNC cutting machine; a real aeroplane built and successfully flight tested (the aeroplane was too large to be on display); a fully functioning workshop bench; architectural models; promotional displays for movies, toys and games; furniture and storage units; water sports i.e. a wake boarding control and sports equipment.
                  All these and many other items were made to GCSE and A Level standard and some Key Stage 3 work was produced at Finham in support of the 2020 Educational Charity.
                  The range and quality was both professional and wide ranging and had to be viewed to see the extraordinary skills both in the preparation and making of these products.

                  A Level James Aitken - Multi-purpose Workbench (Ernesford Grange Community Academy)

                  GCSE Archie Payne - Phone Docking Station (King Henry VIII School)

                  The effect on the public was reflected in comments placed in the visitors book such as - stunning; fabulous; brilliant; what talented young people; an excellent and superb exhibition by very talented local students; wonderful; amazing; etc.
                  We could not have produced such a successful show without the help and support from the five Rotary Clubs; Sarah Hayball of Coventry Transport Museum; Sam Rooke, Assistant Head President Kennedy Academy; Clare Webster, D and T teacher Blue Coat Academy; students and teachers from the 21 participating secondary schools; the organising committee; the Methodist Central Hall Coventry; corporate sponsors and Henley College Coventry and Rotaract.
                  Finally the public, schools and students fully appreciated that the exhibition and awards evening were located at the Coventry Transport Museum and The Methodist Central Hall and many thanks to them.
                  Each of the five Rotary Clubs judged a selection of exhibits to select winners. Here are some pictures of the winners chosen by our Club.

                  Jeff Rowe

                  A Level Aryan Malakzi - Carabow - Archery Storage Carousel (King Henry VIII School)

                  GCSE Ben Greenhow - Phone Docking Station (Coundon Court School)

                  A Level Emma Coxon - Modern Lighting (Coundon Court School)

                  GCSE Esnes Parsons - Art Nouveau Inspired Lighting (Barrs Hill School)

                  Intermediate Youth Speaks
                  On 27th January our Club organised the first heat of Intermediate Youth Speaks at Bablake School.

                  This year's event was notable in that for the first time there were eight schools competing: Bablake, Barr Hill, Bishop Ullathorne, Coundon Court, Heart of England, President Kennedy, Seva School, and Whitley Abbey.

                  Last year's National Finalists, President Kennedy School, were the first with their presentation, setting such a high standard that they could not be caught. Being the winners they go on to compete in the Area Final at Bablake School of 4th March. At times it is difficult to believe that these young people are 11- 13 years old, such is the quality of their performance.

                  Many people came together to make the evening a success but a special thanks to Master of Ceremonies PP Terry Bond who soldiered on despite a severe attack of trench foot and Rotarian Bill Parkinson who stepped in at the last moment to be one of the judges.

                  Brian Winstanley

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                  If you have any queries, or wish to join Rotary Club of Coventry, simply complete this form and our Club Secretary Brian Winstanley will be in touch in due course.